Linux Cloud server

Cloud Server offers the power of a dedicated server while adding more flexibility and scalability. VTXSOFT, a leader in Server Management, provides an industry leading cloud service that can scale with your business, website and any other needs. The cloud platform uses true Hyper-V Technology and has the resources needed to power your business or application but also the security to protect you

Our cloud hosting can be used for a number of services including but not limited to:

Available Linux Cloud Servers

VPS Plan
  Plan RAM Disk Space Transfer Processor IP Address Price/Month
Basic Plan 521MB 50GB 1TB 2 Core 3 IP Rs 1199
Standard Plan 1GB 80GB 2TB 3 Core 4 IP Rs 1599
Business Plan 2GB 120GB 3TB 4 Core 5 IP Rs 2199
Advance Plan 3GB 150GB 4TB 4 Core 6 IP Rs 2999
Enterprise Plan 4GB 200GB 5TB 4 Core 7 IP Rs 3999
Galaxy Plan 8GB 250GB 6TB 4 Core 8 IP Rs 4999