Virtual SAN

VMware Virtual SAN™ is the industry leader in hyper-converged software-defined storage for virtual environments.

Virtual SAN is a software-defined storage offering from VMware that enables enterprises to pool their storage capabilities and to instantly and automatically provision virtual machine storage via simple policies that are driven by the virtual machine.

VMware's virtual storage area networking (SAN) solution also provides the ability to dynamically scale storage capacity and performance as needed, and exposes the underlying physical storage to the virtual machines through a policy-driven control pane.

Virtual SAN Delivers


Radically Simple Storage

Virtual SAN is the first policy-driven storage product designed for vSphere environments that simplifies and streamlines storage provisioning and management.

Using VM-level storage policies, Virtual SAN automatically and dynamically matches requirements with underlying storage resources. With Virtual SAN, many manual storage tasks are automated - delivering a more efficient and cost-effective operational model.


High Performance

Virtual SAN enables read/write caching using server-side flash, optimizing the I/O data path to deliver better performance than a virtual appliance or an external device.


Lowers TCO by up to 50%

Virtual SAN allows you to granularly scale-up or scale-out your storage environment giving you the flexibility to grow your storage environment without costly overprovisioning. Virtual SAN is hardware- agnostic and its simple, easy-to-use design increases operational efficiency, saving you both time and money.


Software-Defined Storage for vSphere/h3>

Virtual SAN is the software-defined storage solution for the software-defined datacenter. Virtual SAN’s hypervisor-converged architecture enables storage and compute to run in the same physical host with minimal overhead; management is made simple through seamless integration with the vSphere Web Client and the entire VMware stack.